Why am I starting a blog? Great question. I’ve thought about it for a while, but would think to myself, does the world really need another blogger? What would I write that anyone would want to read? And then I came to a realization, based on a couple pieces of wisdom I’ve listed below, who cares?

  1. My parents will read it. I was listening to a speaker a few months ago (can’t remember who it was, or where I was, but at least the words were memorable) and this speaker made a comment that you don’t have to be a best-selling novelist or sell millions of dollars worth of your artwork. Don’t stop yourself because you think you have to be the best, do it because you love it. And fortunately I have parents that love me so at the very least, I have two people that will read this and that’s a start. So thank you to the nameless speaker that shared this little piece of wisdom with me.
  2. Stop thinking so much. I recently finished reading a book and out of the 200 or so pages, what I took away was to stop thinking about how you are going to do something and just take a step to do it. So here is my first step.

What will this blog be about? It is my attempt at sharing the pockets of humor, beauty, and/or excitement in a life that seems pretty average. And helping all of us remember that even in the sometimes drab day to day, you can still find a moment of wonder that carries you through until tomorrow.

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