It’s a Dog’s Life

I imagine your first reaction might be, “ahhh…what cute dogs.” Before you ooh and ahh too much, let’s take you behind the scenes of these adorable pictures. Auggie, the big guy on the left, is a 175 pound English Mastiff/Golden Retriever mix. Yesterday, my mom, oldest daughter, and I were pretty sure he ate something dead or he was possibly rotting from the inside out. That’s how good he smelled. Now go back a few days… we had family coming over so my husband and I offered our three daughters a $1 for each glob of Auggie slobber they removed from the walls and doors before company came over. It’s not all bad though. He is super chill and very sweet, and loves to be near his people at all times. This includes when he takes care of his business outside. It’s like he senses exactly where I am in the house so he can make sure he can stare me in the eyes when he is dropping a load. It isn’t like he looks proud when he stares me down, he really looks a little ashamed, probably because he sees me cussing him out through the window because I really prefer not to have to witness this on a daily basis.

Then there is old man Bugsy. He is a 13 year old Boston Terrier. And he is an entitled little asshole. To be fair, he was my first “baby”. But my children do not take their plates and fling them across the room when they want food and water. At night, before I can even get under the covers, he is right there scratching at the quilt so I can lift it up for him to climb under. And if you value your life, do not lift those covers up. You do not want to experience the horrific smells that may waft out. The other morning, I looked over and where I thought my husband would be, there was Bugsy with his head on the pillow and his body under the covers.

Just look at that face one more time, he is judging you.


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