Bad Mood Be Gone

I like to imagine my theme song for each day I am wandering around this planet. Today it was the song “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit.

It starts off like this:

It’s just one of those days
Where you don’t want to wake up
Everything is f&%$’d
Everybody sucks
You don’t really know why
But you want to justify
Rippin’ someone’s head off

For a group that spelled biscuit wrong, it really is a pretty insightful song (I highly recommend it if you are not opposed to explicit lyrics and need a good angry song). For those of you that know this song, you may have already started head banging. Good form.

Today I did not want to wake up.fullsizeoutput_4454 If I had my way, I would have found a secret portal into this picture, planted myself on this bench, and blankly stared at Lake Superior all day with a magically refillable cup of coffee potentially spiked with something in my hand. So many things were irritating me and I wanted to take a time-out from life. People smiling even got on my nerves. The nerve of their obvious happiness! A time-out was not in the cards for me though. Which meant I had to behave and hide my mood as much as I could.

To demonstrate my success at pretending to be a decent person, this is my day in a nutshell:

  • I did not ride my bike to boxing. Not because it was raining, but because I don’t really think I like bike-riding. And I think I look stupid in my helmet.
  • During boxing, someone who says they are not a morning person and never goes to the morning class, decided to show up and then be the ultimate morning person. Annoying dance moves and all. Then she told me to have a good day. Whatever!
  • My mom and I ranted about the most recent, unbelievably asinine thing the president tweeted. Then expanded it to the people that defended him yet again.
  • I wore a t-shirt with a shark reference on it along with sneakers (also pants and a cardigan, but those were less confrontational). Damn the man! Corporate America pays the bills, but they can’t control my wardrobe.
  • My husband attempted to put a positive spin on things I was crabbing about and I told him no matter how much he tried, it wasn’t going to work and politely ended the conversation.fullsizeoutput_4311
  • The omelet line was too long so I said screw the veggie egg white omelet and got scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Ate them all, then hated myself until I had ice cream for lunch.
  • I got an email that started out…”thank you for all you do” and then went on to ask for a favor. So I ignored it. Saying thank you for all I do only when you need something, does not make me want to respond to you.
  • On the drive home, someone tried to move into my lane while I was still occupying the space. After I slammed on my breaks and he saw me, he paused long enough to not hit me then cut off the person behind me and proceeded to drive 20 miles/hour. So now I’m taking on road rage for other drivers. I glared at him through my sunglasses as he eventually moved past me to get in the turn lane. I think he felt it.
  • I went outside to write and as soon as I got out there the sun came out and I couldn’t see the computer screen. Damn sun.DSCF3559
  • My husband came in to tell me a song on Jay Z’s new album confessed that Jay Z cheated on Beyonce and that someone commented there is no hope if even Beyonce can get cheated on. Is she a superhero? No. She is a human being.
  • Then he messed up my music and offered me a beer. If I wanted a beer, I would have gotten myself one.

So yes, it was one of those days. Today is a lost cause. Tomorrow I will shake it. Looking on the bright side, I didn’t actually hurt anyone today.


Cheers and sincere apologies for my bad mood. Pretty Little Liars had its series finale this week. Maybe that’s to blame.

5 thoughts on “Bad Mood Be Gone

  1. You seem to had taken control of everything despite some, you know eye rolling stuffs. That’s a good attitude to keep! And that message of the song, always my mood. Lol


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