Power to the Music

For almost 365 days, I have been punishing myself. Don’t worry, I deserved it. Let’s rewind to January 2017, when my expensive headphones that I used every day for two years, finally died. After a slight mourning period and lots of research, I purchased an even more expensive set of wireless headphones, the little kind, not the over the ear big kind. I had a problem adjusting to headphones that were not attached to my phone at all times and within a month…I lost them. Flat out lost them. I know! How could I be so irresponsible? I searched high and low, but they were nowhere to be found.

And so, because of my irresponsibility, I punished myself by buying cheap, crap earphones. For those of you who think headphones don’t make a difference, those of you that don’t choose  to upgrade your car stereo over any other feature in your car, you will not understand this. It makes me sad for you. Your ears are sad. And you are ignoring their sadness. For almost a year, my ears have been trying to figure out what they did to me to deserve this punishment. It wasn’t your fault, ears! It was mine. I lose things. (Side note, I thought I lost my newest pair of sneakers so I bought another pair. My husband recently found them. In my closet. With the other shoes. That was embarrassing.)


Chicken #1 says, “Actions DO have consequences, Mom.”

Alright back to the punishment…I trudged along for days upon days upon days listening to bland music, losing my interest because listening to the music through bad headphones was like drinking flat Diet Coke. Like bottom of the can, warm, flat Diet Coke. I deserved it, though. Actions have consequences. This was my cross to bear.

Fast forward to present day…Wednesday to be exact.

I decided it was time to end the punishment. TIME TO END IT!!! And when I decided, well then of course I had to have the pair I wanted as soon as possible. When I get something in my head that I want and I have made up my mind, I can’t wait to do it. It has to be done. I can’t relax until I have executed on my newest grand plan. The energy flows through me, my blood charged with the knowledge that I am going to get something I want. It’s even better when everything falls perfectly into place.

I had maybe 20 minutes to spare. I stroll into the store, grab my salad for dinner, then quickly headed back to electronics (whomever came up with the idea of superstores…I love you). I tried on the different pairs of headphones. Of course I put the ones I came for on first (they also happened to be the most expensive, big surprise). My ears literally wept (the poor use of literally here makes me chuckle…I am not 12, I know they did not literally weep, but I am choosing to use the dramatics of our youth for effect.)

As part of my due diligence, I then tried on all the other ones, risking getting diseases in my ears from all the other people that came before me. I thought maybe, just maybe, this time, I could convince myself to buy a less expensive item. But alas, the most expensive ones were the ones I had to have. I am telling you, when I put these headphones on, everything around me disappeared and it was just me and the music…I could hear every sound, every instrument…and BASS. Oh bass, where have you been? (Did I mention that the speaker in my car blew out and my car stereo was awful in the first place? And yes I am someone that would always upgrade my car stereo, but then I had a third chicken and needed a giant car and was trying to be economical aka DUMB.) 

I decided I would let fate decide. I would ask if the store price matched and if they did, I would get the headphones (another store had the same headphones for $50 less). If not, I would walk away. A kind lady conveniently walked right in front of me (umm…fate?) so I asked her about the price match. And guess what? The block on price matches had been lifted…THAT DAY!!! It WAS fate. I was meant to have these headphones.

She walked me and my headphones up to customer service. The kid behind the counter was really excited for me and he and the other lady that approved the price match told me what I great deal I was getting.  I was flying high. I got new, beautiful headphones AND a great deal! I took my purchases and left the store with a big, silly grin on my face.

fullsizeoutput_47a3I didn’t open them that night though. Why, you ask? (Okay maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway). I wanted to sleep on it and really make sure this is what I wanted. I was second guessing myself a little. But when I woke up the next morning, it was clear…I wanted these headphones. Not for the brand or the idea of looking cool, but because I love music and I was missing the perfect conduit. Music makes me happy. And to truly enjoy music the way I want to enjoy it, I need to hear all of it. Every beat, every background noise, I want to be lost in it. I want everything around me to disappear so it’s just me and the music. Not many things in this life make you feel that way. And some of those things aren’t always right in front of you to enjoy. But music, it’s so accessible.

These headphones are a gateway to that all encompassing feeling. Without the right pair of headphones, it’s like having paper with a really dull pencil and no pencil sharpener in sight. Having someone tell you a joke, but not hearing the punch line. You are missing the point of music. If you know my history, you will know this isn’t a fleeting love. After a lot of research and a lot of saving, in 8th grade I bought my first CD player boombox for $75 (money I saved from babysitting which back then only paid about $2/hour).

In conclusion, and with most things, I choose to blame my dad for my indulgent purchase this week. He started it. I still remember him putting on an old Simon and Garfunkel album and telling me to listen to all of the sounds together…and the way he described it and the look in his eye…it’s all his fault. While I’m at it, I’ll blame my mom too. The Temptations, The Supremes, The Footloose soundtrack…now that I am thinking about it, it’s definitely both their fault. And thank god for that because there are only a few things in this life that I enjoy with my entire being, and music is at the top of that list.


If you ever see this man meandering around a store lost in his singing, you have two choices – ignore him or just start singing along with him. He won’t mind.

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