A word he gifted to personify his view.


Undertones stealing my entirety,

my soul caged with his gift.

Blind and deaf,

he cared only to see the surface.

Ignoring the numbness that whispered from my eyes and mouth.

A trinket to admire,


put on display.

Hunger behind his eyes,

he could never be satiated.

His truth

I was no more than a meal,

never leaving him full.


The word out of his mouth, a sugar-coated lie.

It melted against me, caramelizing against my skin.

Heat replaced with cool entrapment, my shell hardened.

I became the object he so wanted me to be.

His touch powerless to break through.

2 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. Love this – particularly how you stayed with the sugar analogy throughout. An interesting contrast to how we often think of sugar and sweetness. Explains your crunchy exterior. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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