Getting Back to Basics

Simple things in life…love, laughter, mental and physical activity, fresh air, caffeine, and moments of freedom. Maybe a little pizza every now and then. That is all I need. This list may be slightly different for everyone, but it really is such a simple list. So why do we overcomplicate it?

My youngest chicken and I were playing Candy Crush last night. She was sitting on the arm of the chair next to me, cross-legged, looking like a mini-adult. I got her past a level, she gave me advice on the level I was on. She looks back at her iPad and says,”It really pisses me off when (fill in something silly about the game)”. I didn’t catch exactly what she said about the game because I was waiting to see if she even noticed she cussed. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was adorable. I went out to tell my husband and just kept laughing.

Once I came back in, my littlest came up and apologized. Her big sister filled her in that she had cussed. I laughed and hugged her. I’m sure some parent out there might judge me. At this point, I don’t really give a f^%$. As I explained to Jules, they are only words. It’s the intent behind them that makes the difference. I also said not to cuss in front of people because it makes me look like a bad parent. That was my parenting advice for the evening.

If I take everything so seriously, I am not going to survive. So I have to get back to basics. And enjoy moments where I can. It’s beautiful outside today. I took a walk on the trail before work with my Starbucks in hand. I decided to sit outside and work to enjoy the cool breeze before the temp climbs to 100 degrees.

So this is my advice to myself and anyone who chooses to take it. Figure out what simple things you need in your life to survive, and then stop worrying about everything else. Life is so short. And we are all wasting so much of it on the wrong things. Overcomplicating everything. Being angry. Trying to force people to be perfect instead of accepting them for who they are and loving them for it. Missing the little things people do for you, because those are the things that matter. I am always a work in progress, and I continue to choose life each day that I wake up, so I need to make the most of it.

Love, laughter, mental and physical activity, fresh air, caffeine, and moments of freedom.

And a little pizza.


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