solace in fear

We are diamonds

hoping to catch the sun

yet we stand stationary,

watching the light move around us

rather than simply stepping into it.

When the sun happens upon us

a myriad of dancing stars are cast

creating beauty out of ordinary objects

and our world, for a moment


Possibilities unleashed, excitement overwhelms,

energy surges

we inhale, beginning to move

but the sun moves faster and we again

become a colorless prism

trapping our world inside.

Deep, deep within though

our dreams flourish

fueled by all the shoulds, what ifs,

happily ever afters.

Still as those dreams flourish

our souls starve,

hungry to become those reflective chances.

Here we remain, hungry souls

scared of what the light

might bring,

the risk of ruined dreams

too great,

we choose growing old

in the comfortable dark

of our brilliant dreams.



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