The Rock

Rocks blanket the riverbed,

each equal to the water

who caresses every one as it passes over.

A man entranced, sees a rock gleaming in the light.

He decides this rock is special,

more unique than any of the other rocks

and he takes it for his own.

As the rock finds a home in his pocket,

she believes she must be special.

For he chose her.

He keeps her hidden,

unloading his worries, his dreams, his laughter.

When he needs her the most,

he holds her tightly in the palm of his hand.

She feels loved.


Even at his saddest.


These moments become rare.

For weeks she is forgotten.

She sits alone

and waits and waits and waits.

She realizes had he never seen her in the water that day

she would never know the feeling of being special.

She would be content, the same as the other rocks

water flowing peacefully over her.

That sleepy existence,

would it have been less painful

than infrequent moments of joy

with a life of lonely darkness in between?

Before she can answer, he holds her again

and she forgets she was ever alone.

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