Why I started this blog? I wanted to be a writer and artist, but went down a more practical path (financial services/technology). When people find this out about me, they ask why I don’t write. After having been asked this many times and not having a proper answer, I decided to stop thinking I needed to write the next great American novel, and just start writing something. So this is my something.

I have lived my life in the same midwestern town to be close to my family. I am a middle child and a Capricorn. This blog is mostly about me contemplating life, trying to see the silver lining, and hopefully getting people to laugh a little bit. I also use only pictures I have taken, which gives me an outlet for my newest hobby, photography.


The name of the blog, Until Tomorrow, holds a lot of meaning for me. Mostly, it is a reminder to me that I may have to be patient and wait for certain things until tomorrow, but while I’m waiting, I will push myself to experience and appreciate as much as I can today.